Commercial Property Maintenance South London

Propertyserve (PS) procure, manage and deliver strategic facilities support services and supply commercial property maintenance in South London.

Our services reduce operational, financial and health and safety risk for clients.

Working with ambitious companies that want to improve their commercial properties and maximise tenant satisfaction and occupancy levels, Propertyserve is the partner of choice for South London’s property sector. We pride ourselves on taking responsibility, being pro-active in our approach and developing effective business partnerships with our clients ensuring we deliver a top class service.

The Propertyserve system and service is designed specifically with asset and property management in mind and has been successfully utilised across a number of varying property portfolios including offices, shopping centres, industrial/retail parks and retail outlets within South London.

Conducting business with us is straight forward. We are friendly and approachable and aim to provide you with a first-class professional, caring and reliable service.




The idea to create a managed service involving bespoke property management software and a robust supplier network was borne out of company owner Jamie Robertson’s experience of working in the UK’s property sector with management surveyors.

A very important but laborious part of the typical management surveyor’s role was to deal with tenant requests for actions on small jobs affecting their occupation such as lighting failures, blocked toilets and the like.

Often they would know a building company or a glazier who may help, some of these were very good however few paid any real attention to safety management putting the owner of the property at risk. As for the rest, these were being selected from local directories with no knowledge at all of the tradesmen experience, ability or honesty. Management surveyors, and staff working with them, also appeared to spend a lot of time working their way through a pile of invoices to be stamped and checked.

So between this and dealing with tenant requests for reactive maintenance it became clear that there was the opportunity to bring this together with the aid of a bespoke website. A system that dealt with online invoice approvals and consolidated invoicing coupled with a job procurement system that tied in client, helpdesk and supplier could make the average day of a management surveyor using this method more productive.

The result of this would enable both client and tenant to benefit from the economies of scale possible, improved service levels and the reduction of risk by using carefully vetted, pre-qualified and suitably insured suppliers.

And so from this background Propertyserve was set up in April 2004 to assist property owners and management surveyors in the control of their property portfolios.

Today, Propertyserve helps to manage over 5000 properties nationwide in the UK and we continue to look at new ways of providing a service that promotes our clients ability to improve revenues through good maintenance of their properties and supporting tenant service.

Check list:

  • Established 2004
  • Helpdesk
  • Reactive maintenance
  • Planned maintenance
  • Mechanical & Electrical
  • Building solutions
  • Cloud based system
  • Compliance
  • Pre-qualified contractors
  • Agreed labour rates

Meet the Team

We believe that our people are the key to outstanding service provision, that’s why all of them are professional, polite, capable and engaged in the process of resolving problems relating to buildings within your portfolio.

Everyone of our staff is educated to a high standard and undergo training to develop further skills with the opportunity of a career path right the way through the business to procurement, team leader, senior management and FM roles.

Whoever you speak to the goal is the same we want to achieve a first time fix to save time client’s time, hassle, cost and to provide a first-class service.

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