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Case Study: Cushman and Wakefield

Propertyserve (UK) Ltd, was invited to tender for the UK FM helpdesk contract for Cushman and Wakefield Property and Asset Management, Corporate Occupier and Investor Services, Cushman & Wakefield Site ServicesLtd.

PS were successful with the bid, the story doesn’t end there though, please take a minute to see how that has worked, the implementation process and comments from Cushman & Wakefield personnel


Feedback from Cushman & Wakefield

” The tenants passed on more praise for the helpdesk during our monthly site meeting so thanks again for the support.

Matthew Alexander MBIFM
Regional Facilities Manager (Scotland & North East England), Property & Asset Management

” I really appreciate your services, who ever I speak to they are very professional in their attitude and very helpful in obtaining the right contractor for the job, but also within the SLA required.

Roger Turnbull
Building manager

How Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

As I find myself encamped in the hotel lobby awaiting my next appointment I’m allowed a little time to reflect on the past 3 or so months with Propertyserve… yes, 3 months already. My journeys have seen me travel to Stirling, Birmingham, Edinburgh, London, Teeside, as well as nearer to home in Leeds, Manchester and Shipley to name a few, and serve to highlight the vast coverage of Propertyserve UK and its supply chain.

The team has now been completed with the arrival of Ricky Nelson as the southern contract manager allowing David Lackenby to move into his new role as quality manager. In the near future we will be working closely together to identify pinch points, plan ahead as well as providing ideas for continued improvement.

I can’t help but be reflective in relation to time and at this moment reminds me of a director I worked with previously who opened my eyes to time management. We had many discussions regarding this topic with one comment sticking in my mind which I would like to share with you:

“Treat time as a management tool, an asset to be used and managed wisely. This in turn will allow you to work smarter, not longer” 

I see a link which fits in well with the recent blog released by Chris MacDonald in relation to employee well-being. To allow us to manage time we need to be motivated, fresh and engaged. I have seen and experienced first-hand the employee welfare package available to all of Propertyserve’s employees. The need for breakout space, small reward, fitness incentives, the provision of fresh food and drink in addition to quiet areas to ensure minimal distraction are all elements which often are neglected. Yet these directly impact on morale and, subsequently, performance. Believe me, in the past I fell foul to the ethos that working longer was the answer. Sometimes we just need to reflect, discuss and adapt the way we operate to achieve the correct balance. This in itself is not an easy task given the demands and pressures we find, but it can be achieved and is sometimes simply a change of mindset.

I often hear people discuss work/life balance being difficult to achieve. I believe that the benefits currently being offered to myself and my colleagues can only help conquer this, at the same time ensuring we are all prepared mentally and physically in the various service lines we offer to our clients. Needless to say, a happy workforce is, more often than not, an efficient workforce.

I have once again been astounded with the dedication shown not only by the front line troops, but by the management team’s commitment to ensure our workforce is motivated, empowered and rewarded.

I will leave you with the following quote to help you when time is taking control of your day:

“Either you run the day, or the day runs you”

Richard Parkin – Regional Contracts Manager, North

Propertyserve Partners with PerkBox

Propertyserve UK has teamed up with staff benefits provider Perkbox. Set up with the belief that the best companies to work for look after their teams, Perkbox offers staff a fantastic way of saving money and enables them to treat themselves, family and friends, without breaking the bank. Our partnership with Perkbox is another sign of the commitment to our employee well-being programme and so far it is going down well!

“Perkbox offers something different,” explains Chris MacDonald, Managing Director, “it allows our staff to enjoy activities and time outside of work at reduced costs”. Chris recently published a blog highlighting the time he spent working with various departments across the company. “I believe morale is key in the workplace and Perkbox is another avenue to sustaining a happy team,” he says. Saurav Chopra, co-founder of Perkbox, agrees. “Ensuring that a team can remain satisfied and motivated in their role is essential for delivering quality work and services for their customers, which will ultimately lead to further growth and success.”

So far, the team has jumped on the opportunity with the vast majority of employees signing up. “I’ve already taken advantage of the available discounts,” says Katherine Spencer from accounts, “I got a reduced price on a brand new washer/dryer – that arrives on Friday – and I’ve booked my car parking for when I go on holiday next month. I’ll be using the discounted cinema tickets most weeks, too.”

Hopefully, this is the start of a long and successful relationship!

Propertyserve Awarded Human Focus Accreditation

We’re delighted to announce that Propertyserve UK has been awarded the Human Focus accreditation. This further demonstrates our commitment to health & safety, welfare, and the ongoing commitment to our staff training programme, as well as providing another independent rubber stamp to our bespoke supplier management programme.

Chris MacDonald – Managing Director – commented:

“Human Focus specifically looks in detail at the training of staff for the roles they are employed to carry out, as well as supplier management programmes, our accreditation here confirms our commitment to our people and their welfare and development as well as our bespoke contractor management programme. We are delighted to add this accreditation to our name”

The Life of a Northern Contract Manager

As I sat on the big bird in the sky, en route to Heathrow airport to begin the new chapter in my career, it allowed me time to contemplate, review and also enjoy the clear blue skies above the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

I was filled with all of the normal feelings when starting a new role; nerves, excitement, trepidation, the unknown followed by the unnerving thoughts…

Will I fit in?

Can I make a real impact on the business?

Have I made the right choice?

Monday 8th June – my official start date and my re-introduction with Chris Macdonald (Managing Director), a formidable character standing 6ft plus in stature, well-spoken and, on first impressions, a great judge of character – after all he did offer me the job!

It wasn’t long before I was put at ease and was immediately made to feel at ‘home’ in the beautiful surroundings of the converted barn housing the Propertyserve UK team in rural Amersham. As we worked our way around the different departments being introduced, I could not help but feel the buzz and team ethos emanating from the teams. This became infectious, however I was still the new kid on the block and had to earn the right to be part of the team.

As Vanessa, Oli, Mel and Lawrence took the time to hold my hand and introduce me to the helpdesk I was struck by the professionalism, dedication and positivity from them. I must however reserve special thanks to Sam Wooster who had unfortunately been lumbered with me for what must have felt like an eternity. As I sat in listening to calls coming through the system, I had a flashback to all those years ago when I was a helpdesk operative and remembered these guys are on the sharp end of the business.

Sam soon managed to shake me off and it wasn’t long before I was thrown in at the deep end taking calls – the less said about this the better!

The following days I spent time getting to know some of the contractors who had visited the office for reviews, as well as spending time with Nikki and her fantastic team in the accounts department. This was followed by a visit to the Excel in London. Once I had finally figured out the way around the FM show I accompanied Chris in collecting the Tomorrow’s FM 2015 Helpdesk of the year award. This, after the time spent with the guys on the helpdesk, all made sense and simply confirmed my initial thoughts of the team.

Following my two week ‘initiation’ I was released back up north along with my new colleague David Lackenby. I was home. “Time to get cracking,” I bellowed in my deepest Yorkshire accent as we set off on our northern contractor adventure. As we pounded the M1 and M62 motorways meeting and greeting many existing suppliers as well as meeting potential new relationships I already felt like one of the team, a feeling which helped me as I followed David’s lead on the initial meetings.

As we swept across the Northwest, Yorkshire and the Northeast like an election candidate on a voting drive, we found ourselves in Manchester searching for respite by means of food and a light beverage. Given the feeling of progress and small victory I felt we had achieved it was only fitting that given we were in Manchester, and following the wise words of a one Louis Van Gaal: “We win, we go to Wings!”

It wasn’t long before our little venture was at an end and we parted ways to enjoy the weekend and reflect on the work and progress we had made with the supply chain. As I drove home that evening I was again offered the time to reflect on the last 3 weeks which allowed me to re-contemplate the questions I had whilst on the flight to Heathrow:

Will I fit in? I hope I have as I could not help but already feel an affiliation to the team, the company ethos and a feeling of content.

Can I make an impact? Only time will tell, but I sat in the car with a great feeling of excitement, optimism and energy.

Have I made the right choice? My response: I wish I had joined Propertyserve UK sooner!

To the future!


Richard Parkin – Regional Contracts Manager – North