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Case Study: Cushman and Wakefield

Propertyserve (UK) Ltd, was invited to tender for the UK FM helpdesk contract for Cushman and Wakefield Property and Asset Management, Corporate Occupier and Investor Services, Cushman & Wakefield Site ServicesLtd.

PS were successful with the bid, the story doesn’t end there though, please take a minute to see how that has worked, the implementation process and comments from Cushman & Wakefield personnel


The Life of a Northern Contract Manager

As I sat on the big bird in the sky, en route to Heathrow airport to begin the new chapter in my career, it allowed me time to contemplate, review and also enjoy the clear blue skies above the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

I was filled with all of the normal feelings when starting a new role; nerves, excitement, trepidation, the unknown followed by the unnerving thoughts…

Will I fit in?

Can I make a real impact on the business?

Have I made the right choice?

Monday 8th June – my official start date and my re-introduction with Chris Macdonald (Managing Director), a formidable character standing 6ft plus in stature, well-spoken and, on first impressions, a great judge of character – after all he did offer me the job!

It wasn’t long before I was put at ease and was immediately made to feel at ‘home’ in the beautiful surroundings of the converted barn housing the Propertyserve UK team in rural Amersham. As we worked our way around the different departments being introduced, I could not help but feel the buzz and team ethos emanating from the teams. This became infectious, however I was still the new kid on the block and had to earn the right to be part of the team.

As Vanessa, Oli, Mel and Lawrence took the time to hold my hand and introduce me to the helpdesk I was struck by the professionalism, dedication and positivity from them. I must however reserve special thanks to Sam Wooster who had unfortunately been lumbered with me for what must have felt like an eternity. As I sat in listening to calls coming through the system, I had a flashback to all those years ago when I was a helpdesk operative and remembered these guys are on the sharp end of the business.

Sam soon managed to shake me off and it wasn’t long before I was thrown in at the deep end taking calls – the less said about this the better!

The following days I spent time getting to know some of the contractors who had visited the office for reviews, as well as spending time with Nikki and her fantastic team in the accounts department. This was followed by a visit to the Excel in London. Once I had finally figured out the way around the FM show I accompanied Chris in collecting the Tomorrow’s FM 2015 Helpdesk of the year award. This, after the time spent with the guys on the helpdesk, all made sense and simply confirmed my initial thoughts of the team.

Following my two week ‘initiation’ I was released back up north along with my new colleague David Lackenby. I was home. “Time to get cracking,” I bellowed in my deepest Yorkshire accent as we set off on our northern contractor adventure. As we pounded the M1 and M62 motorways meeting and greeting many existing suppliers as well as meeting potential new relationships I already felt like one of the team, a feeling which helped me as I followed David’s lead on the initial meetings.

As we swept across the Northwest, Yorkshire and the Northeast like an election candidate on a voting drive, we found ourselves in Manchester searching for respite by means of food and a light beverage. Given the feeling of progress and small victory I felt we had achieved it was only fitting that given we were in Manchester, and following the wise words of a one Louis Van Gaal: “We win, we go to Wings!”

It wasn’t long before our little venture was at an end and we parted ways to enjoy the weekend and reflect on the work and progress we had made with the supply chain. As I drove home that evening I was again offered the time to reflect on the last 3 weeks which allowed me to re-contemplate the questions I had whilst on the flight to Heathrow:

Will I fit in? I hope I have as I could not help but already feel an affiliation to the team, the company ethos and a feeling of content.

Can I make an impact? Only time will tell, but I sat in the car with a great feeling of excitement, optimism and energy.

Have I made the right choice? My response: I wish I had joined Propertyserve UK sooner!

To the future!


Richard Parkin – Regional Contracts Manager – North

Propertyserve Shortlisted for Another Award!

Click to Vote 240Last week this year’s Academy Award nominations were revealed to the world, and the shortlist includes some fantastic work. Whatever hurdles that may have been stopping you from watching The Grand Budapest Hotel, for example – jump them. Or run around them.  It’s amazing. Nominated for an impressive nine Academy Awards including Best Picture, Best Achievement in Directing and Best Original Screenplay, the movie tells the story of how a quirky hotel concierge and his protégé bell-boy came to acquire the hotel they worked and lived in, and the film is certainly worthy of every award for which it’s nominated. To some, a nomination is such an honour that the mere nod recognition granted by the Academy is prize enough to kick-start a career, cement an achievement, even acknowledge a lifetime’s work.

Last week we took great pleasure in finding Propertyserve nominated as a finalist for the Tomorrow’s FM 2015 Awards. Joining us in the shortlist are another 49 stand-out products and services that Tomorrow’s FM magazine have deemed as things facilities management could not live without, and we’re thrilled to be included alongside such highly esteemed company.

To be nominated for such an award really shows us how far we’ve come, and having celebrated our ten year anniversary last summer we’re certainly grateful for the recognition from one of the industry’s top FM magazines. The only thing now that stands between us and the coveted Tomorrow’s FM Award 2015 is the final decision that lies in the hands of the magazine’s readers by way of online vote. The poll is open until March 27th and votes can be cast here on Tomorrow’s FM’s website. Voting is quick and easy – simply follow the link and choose ‘FM Helpdesk – Propertyserve UK’ if you feel that we deserve the prize!

We see this nomination as a sign of things to come and with so many exciting things in the pipeline, 2015 is beginning to look like our most prosperous year yet!

Storms & Flooding Force Helpdesk to Operate at ‘FULL TILT’

Propertyserve goes the extra mile

During January and February 2014, Propertyserve UK – a facilities management helpdesk provider – received a whopping 14,154 calls from tenants reporting damage to their properties.

Chris MacDonald, managing director, said: “This represents a 200 per cent increase on call volumes from last year – the majority of those calls attributed to reactive damage – undoubtedly as a result solution of the provide storms and flooding.

“As a company that supports commercial landlords and managing agents that own or manage properties throughout the UK, we have operated at full tilt – and we have had to bring in support staff to manage the workload.”

But how much has this weather brought facilities managers to the fore? The vast majority will have had no opportunity to be proactive, or to plan for upcoming works? Instead, they will have worked tirelessly keeping on top of the damage done.

FM’s and surveyors – across the country – with Propertyserve wind and flood damage are trying to get hold of contractors and tenants in an effort to make safe their properties.

MacDonald adds: “There is an element of panic, which encourages risks being taken when it comes to following health and safety procedures.

“We manage all jobs in a controlled manner, and all contractors sent to site have service already gone through a three tiered health and safety process.”

Propertyserve UK helps to remove the logistical issues and risks associated with maintaining the fabric of the building, using sustainable procurement methods, making costs transparent, whilst reducing the risks associated with CIS, Health & safety and debt liability to the landlord.

The company would argue that having a helpdesk that understands your business, properties and tenants, is vital – even if the property manager can’t be reached. That’s when the helpdesk comes into its own, and property managers can rest assured that their assets are being looked after.